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Morgan County, Georgia, Deed, 1814

May 21st, 2012

Deed from William Evans to Robert Woodard [Morgan County, Georgia, Deed Book E: 216–217; Georgia Archives microfilm publication drawer 42, box 16.]


Georgia                )                  This Indenture made this Seventeenth of
Morgan County )                   Octr 1814 in the year of our Lord  the date
above written and the thirty ninth year o
American Independence Between Wm Evans of the one
part and Robt Woodard of the other part both of the State
& County aforsd. Witnessth that the Said William Evans
for and in Consideration of the Sum of Two hundred fifty
dollars to him paid the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowled =
ged hath bargained & Sold unto Sd Robt Woodard a Certain
parcel of Land lying on the waters of little River & in the Cou=
nty of Morgan Containing fifty acres being part of lot No 10
and in the nineteenth district and Bounded as follows begini=

ng at the formal Corner Stake ____?___ & running 980 poles
North East to a Lightwood Corner Stake and from thence 90 poles
north west to a post oak Stake Corner and from thence run=
ning Southwest 90 poles to an ash Corner Stake and from thence
running South East to the beginning Corner. To have & to hold
the Said Land & Premises with every previlege or interest there
to Belonging or in any wise appataining to the only proper
use Benefit & Behoof of the Said Robt Woodard his heirs
& assigns forever in fee Simple & the Sd Wm Evans doth
hereby Bind himself his heirs Executors an administrators
forever well & truly to warrant & defend a good ___?___

[following page]

Sufficient Right and title to the Sd Land & premises Its
every privilege or members thereto belonging or in wise apperta=
ining to the Said Robt Woodward his heirs or assigns against the
claims and us___?___ of every person whomsoever having or
pretending to have any rights in trust or Claims to the Said prem=
ises or any part thereof. Ratified & done Signed Sealed &
delivered the day and date above written_____
in presence of ____               )                 Wm Evans  {Seal}
his                                    )
Wm    X    Stone                       )                  Recorded 5th July 1816___
mark                                   )
Samuel S Simmon                  )                  John Nesbit  CLK

Wordless Wednesday: Floyd County, Georgia

July 28th, 2011

Ephraim Woodward of Gordon County, Georgia

July 13th, 2011

Ephraim Woodward of Gordon County, Georgia. Who was he? Where are his descendants located?

1850. 9 November. The family of Ephrum Woodard was enumerated in Cass County, Georgia.[1] The household consisted of Ephrum Woodard, age 39, farmer; Eliza Woodard, age 37; Washington Woodard, 17; Burbage Woodard, 16; Nancy E. Woodard, 13; Mary A. Woodard, 11; Eloner Woodard, 9; Franklin Woodard, 7; John W. Woodard, 4; Sarah Woodard, 1; and Abigail Kirthen[?]/Kirthland[?], 69. All family remembers were recorded with the birth place South Carolina. The family of Porter Dempsy, age 40 , ten family members (not enumerated here) were residing in the same structure.

1851. Ephraim Woodward of the 1056th Georgia Militia District, Gordon County, Georgia, paid taxes on 160 acres of land (80 acres 2nd quality and 80 acres 3rd quality) in the 6th District, 3rd Section of original. Cherokee County (now Gordon). In addition he paid a tax for 1 poll.[2]

1854. 20 November. Gordon County, Georgia[3]David G King sold to Ephraim Woodward, both of Gordon County, for consideration of one thousand dollars, the parcel of land situated in the sixth district, third section of Cherokee County (now Gordon County), known as lot 225 containing 160 acres more or less. The deed signed by David G King and witnessed by William Capehart and AB King

1854. E. Woodward of the 1056th Georgia Militia District of Gordon County, paid taxes on two tracts of land: 1) 160 areas described as lot 223 in the 6th District, 3rd Section; and 2) 60 acres of lot 225, 6th District, 3rd Section; and 1 poll. That same year W.K[?] Woodward paid taxes for 100 acres of lot 225, 6th District, 3rd Section, and 1 poll.[4] It appears that Ephraim gave or sold 100 of his 160-acre lot (#225) to W.K.

1860. An Ephraim Woodward and his family were enumerated in Sonora, Gordon County. [5] The household was enumerated as Ephraim Woodward, 46, farmer; Mary A. Woodward, 39, domestic; Mary Woodward, 21, domestic; Wesley Woodward, 14; Cassandra A. Woodward, 3; Frank P. Meadows, 7; and Penelope C. Meadows, 4. All family members, except Cassandra were born in South Carolina. The demographics of his family do not appear to match up with the family of Ephrum Woodard enumerated in Cass County in 1850.

[1] 1850 U.S. Census, Free Population Schedule, Cass County, Georgia, page 218, dwelling 1644, family 1661, lines 13-23; National Archives micropublication m432, reel 63, viewed on, 13 July 2011.

[2] Gordon County, Georgia Tax Digest 1851; Georgia Archives micropublication 4836-37 (drawer 136, box 55). Abstracted by Linda Woodward Geiger, 14 July 1997.

[3] Gordon Co., Ga., Deed Book B: 561; Georgia Archives microfilm 4839 (drawer 136, box 60). Scanned and prepared by Linda Woodward Geiger, 8 July 2011.

[4] Gordon County, Georgia, Tax Digest, 1854. Georgia Archives micropublication 4836-37 (drawer 136, box 55). Abstracted by Linda Woodward Geiger, 14 July 1997.

[5] 1860 U.S. Census, Free Population Schedule, Sonora, Gordon County, Georgia, page 310, dwelling 454, family 437; National Archives micropublication M653, reel 124, viewed at, 13 July 2011.

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Wordless Wednesday: West Woodard Headright

May 25th, 2011

Source: West Woodard, Loose Headright Warrant, 3 December 1804, Burke  County, Georgia; Georgia Archives manuscript collection.

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McLendon Vs Woodward

May 22nd, 2011

Genealogists and family historians frequently overlook Court records. Finding aids are rare, making the task extremely time consuming. The search can be streamlined when researchers make use of law libraries. Unfortunately, law libraries don’t always provide a warm and fuzzy feeling. As a consequence it is important to become familiar with some of the types of books that will lead users to court records. Family disputes generally provide wonderful genealogical data.

Law libraries contain a large variety of resources including federal code and acts of Congress; state codes and session laws; case reporters; digests; and legal periodicals and indexes. It is common for the library to emphasis a particular geographical region and their collection will not contain every volume for every state. Some state archives will also have state code, digests, and reports for that particular location.

Work  in law libraries is enhanced when one has access to any of the following Online databases: WestlawPro, LexisNexis, and HeinOnline.

I’ve had the good fortune of taking the Government Documents class at the Institute of Genealogical and Historical Research at Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama. Part of our studies included exercises to help us become acquainted with the Lucille Stewart Beeson Law Library. While browsing through the Reports of Cases in Law and Equity Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia, Atlanta, March Term: Milledgeville and Athens, May Terms, Savannah and Part of the Decisions at Macon, June Terms, 1858 [Columbus Georgia: 1859], I finally found the evidence I needed to demonstrate that Aaron Woodward was the father of a daughter, Sarah (“Collie”). I had hypothesized that Sarah was his daughter when I located her marriage record to Thomas McClendon in Jackson County, Georgia, on 4 April 1819 [Jackson County, Georgia, Marriages, 1805–1861, p. 120].  Aaron was residing in Jackson County at the time and was the only logical male to have been her father, but I’d not been able to locate any record showing a connection between the two.

In the summary of the court case heard by the Supreme Court of Georgia (appellate court) demonstrated that the plaintiff wished to have the decision of a lower court (Butts County Equity Court) overturned. The Plaintiffs were Thomas McLendon, his wife and others, heirs and distributes of Aaron Woodward, deceased, late of Butts County. The Defendants were William J Woodward, administrator of  said deceased, and Newdigate H. Woodward, Robert Woodward, and Aaron Woodward, sons and heirs at law of intestate. The summary of the case as it appears in the Reports of Cases in Law and Equity is available in PDF form on the Woodwards WeSearch website.

As with any published source, researchers should always try to get as close to the original record as possible. In this instance the actual case files were located at the Georgia Archives in Supreme Court Cases, Pre-1917. The case, McLendon vs. Woodward consisted of 105 folios

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Wordless Wednesday: Another Woodward & Lothrop Advertisement

May 11th, 2011

Advertisement appearing in The Gainesville News, Gainesville, Georgia, May 1907.
Courtesy of Patricia K. Jones, Oakwood, Georgia.

Accidental Death of Ed Woodward, 1907

April 7th, 2011

Met Death Accidentaly.
Ed Woodward, a negro boy, met his death accidentaly late Wednesday afternoon last near the Gainesville Cotton Mill. He went to take a gun from the hands of George Wilsonan, other negro when the barrels were discharged, the load producing instant death. The negroes had gone out to shoot at a target. They body was brought to Undertakers Dorsey Bros. where it was kept until Thursday, where it was interred.

Source: The Gainesville News, Gainesville, Georgia, 16 October 1907.
Courtesy of Patricia K. Jones, Oakwood, Georgia.

Wordless Wednesday: Woodward & Lothrop Advertisement

April 6th, 2011

Advertisement appearing in The Gainesville News, Gainesville, Georgia, May 1907.

Courtesy of Patricia K. Jones, Oakwood, Georgia

Scouring the records of a Georgia County

February 7th, 2011

The U.S. census enumeration indicated that there were two Woodward families in Gordon County, Georgia, on 21 June 1860 [1860 U.S. Census, Free Population Schedule, Gordon County (Sonora), page 309, dwelling 452, family 435; Georgia; National Archives micropublication M653, Reel 124].

The proposed family of Washington Woodward was residing in the household of Mary Walker:
Mary B. Walker, 55, Farmer, RE: $1,600, PE: $600, born in S.C.
Hamsion Walker, 18, m, farm laborer, born in Ga.
Mary Walker, 17, domestic, born in Ga.
Georgia Walker, 14, born in Ga.
Washington Wooward [sic], 26, farm laborer, RE: [blank], PE: $200, born in S.C.
Cassandra Wooward, 23, domestic, born in Ga.
Mary Woodward, 3, born in Ga.
Alonzo Woodward, 1, born in Ga.

Two families away [page 310, dwelling 454, family 437] was the following family:

Ephraim Woodward, 46, farmer, RE: $5,000, PE: $3,00, born in S.C.
Mary A. Woodward, 39, domestic, born in S.C.
Mary Woodward, 21, domestic, born in S.C.
Wesley Woodward, 14, born in S.C.
Cassandra A. Woodward, 3, born in Ga.
Frank P. Meadows, 7, born in S.C.
Penelope D. Meadows, 4, born in S.C.

The proximity of the families and ages suggest a relationship between Washington and Ephraim, perhaps son and father. In fact Washington was enumerated in Ephraim Woodard’s home in Cass County (adjacent to Gordon) in 1850 [1850 U.S. Census, Free Population Schedule, Cass County, Georgia, page 218, dwelling 1643, family 1661; National Archives micropublication M432, reel 63]. On page 215, In dwelling 1608, family 1622, of Cass County was the family of Mary Walker including Margaretta, Cassander, Sylvanus, Harrison, and George Walker. The column asking for value of real estate was completely blank for page 218 . That was not the case for page 215, but there was nothing written in the “Real Estate” column for Mary Walker.

We might speculate then that Washington Woodward married Casandra Walker about 1856 or 1857 and the couple resided with his probable mother-in-law.

Did the families move from Cass (now called Bartow) County to Gordon County? In 1860 Gordon County took land from Cass County-the boundaries changed, perhaps the families did not. The tax records might help us decide the actual circumstances.

In 1851 Ephraim Woodward was listed as a taxpayer in Georgia Militia District 1056 in Gordon County. Ephraim owned 160 acres of land in district 6, section 3 [of original Cherokee County]. In 1854, E. Woodward was again listed on the tax rolls of Georgia Militia District 1056 with 220 acres. The property was in land lots 223 and 225 of district 6 [section 3 of Original Cherokee County]. [Source: Gordon County, Georgia, 1851 and 1854 Tax Digests; Georgia Archives micropublication 4836-37 (drawer 136, box 55).]

Additional records need to be explored including Gordon County tax digests for later years for both Woodward and Mary Walker. Property records need to be scoured as well in both Cass and Gordon counties.

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Faye Dorsey Woodward

December 31st, 2010

Ted O. Brooke and I surveyed the cemeteries of Pickens County, Georgia, between 2007 and 2008. Our work was published with a grant from the R.J. Taylor Jr. Foundation in 2009. During our surveys we took numerous photographs to help document the cemeteries.

We located only one Woodward in all of the county. A tombstone was erected for Faye Dorsey Woodward in the Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery. I can’t believe I don’t have an image of the reverse side of this stone! At least the data was carefully extracted. Faye was born 30 Mar 1927 and died 26 Mar 1994. This is just the beginning of a little mystery — lots of questions need to be answered about Ms. Faye.

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