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Vital Records of Cambridge, Massachusetts

January 20th, 2011

The town of Cambridge (Middlesex County), Massachusetts was established in 1631 and called “Newe Towne” until 1636. The records herein were abstracted from Thomas Baldwin’s Vital Records of Cambridge, Massachusetts to the Year 1850, 2 vols (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1914-15).

C.R.1: Church record, First Congregational Unitarian
G.R.2: Grave Record, Cambridge Cemetery, Cooledge Avenue
G.R.3: Grave Record, Mount Auburn Cemetery

Abishai Woodward [parents unknown] was born 1821, G.R.3.
Amos Woodward, s. Daniel, was baptized Oct. 10, 1697, C.R.1.
Daniel Woodward, s. Jno and Rebeccah, was born Sept. 24, 1681.
Ebenezer Woodward, s. of Ebenezer and Delia, was born Mar. 21, 1798.
Eleanor G. [–?–]., w. of Verney C. Woodward, was born May 21, 1816, G.R.3.
Elisha Woodward was born in Petersham, 30 Jan 1779, G.R.3.
Elizabeth M. Woodward was born Mar 22, 1792, G.R.3.
Emma F. Woodward, d. of James H. and Abigail C., was born Sept. 26, 1848, G.R.2.
Francis Woodard, s. of George, b. in Pawtucket, R.I., and Mary, was born in Dorchester, Oct. 5, 1849.
Hannah Woodward, d. of Daniel, was baptised Oct 10, 1697, C.R.1.
Hannah English [–?–], w. of Elisha Woodward, was born in Salem June 10, 1788, C.R.3.
Helen Maria Woodward, d. of Samuel and Eleanor, was born June 17, 1845.
James H. Woodward, was born July 28, 1815, G.R.2.
Jno Woodward, s. of Jno and Rebeccah, was born Sept. 7, 1674.
John Woodward, s. of John and Rebecka, was born July 18, 1675.
Jonas Woodard [parent unknown] was born 1813, G.R.2.
Jonas E. Woodward, s. of Jonas and Sarah T., was born Dec. 31, 1843.
Jonathan Woodward, s. of John and Rebek[a], was born Sept. 28, 1685.
Jonathan Woodward, s. of Daniel, was baptised May 22, 1698, C.R.1.
Joseph Woodward, s. Daniel, was baptised Mar. 9, 1700-1, C.R.1.
Marsh Woodward, d. of Jno and Rebecca, was born Oct. 6, 1684.
Mary Amsden [–?–], w. of Abishai Woodward, was born 1826, G.R.3.
Mary Frances Woodward, w. of Mr. Brown, was born Nov 5, 1833, G.R.3.
Rebecca Woodward, d. of Jno and Rebecca, was born Feb. 12, 1682-3.
Ri[chard] Woodward, s. of Jno and Rebeccah, was born Sept. 26, 1677.
Sarah T. Woodard [parent unknown] was born 1815, G.R.2.
Susanna Woodward, d. of Daniel, was baptised Oct 10, 1697, C.R.1.
Bridget Woodhead married Israel Chevers, June 10, 1690.
Eliza A. Woodward, of Waltham, married John A. Warner, int. Sept. 24, 1841.
Elizabeth Woodhead married Jonathan Moore of Newbury, Aug. 14, 1672.
John Woodward married Sarah Smith, Mar. 16, 1698-9, C.R.1.
Mary Woodhead married Jno Grove, Mar. 15, 1677.
Nathaniel Woodward, of Waltham, married Elizabeth (Lydia int.) Wyeth, Sept. 26, 1804.
Samuel Woodward married Lois Hooper of Charlestown, Feb. 22, 1787 (Feb. 28, 1787, C.R.1).
Samuel Woodward married Eleanor E. Teel, Nov. 6, 1838.
Thomas Woodward married Hannah Learned, Apr. 7, 1803.
Amos Woodward died Oct. 9, 1679, a. 36 y.
Elisha Woodward, died in Boston, Apr. 10, 1847, G.R.3.
Harriet E. Woodward (Harriet Ellen, d. of Samuel and Elenor T., G.R.2), was buried Oct. 14, 1843, a. 23 m. Brain Fever (d. Oct 12, 1843, a. 23 m. 9 d., G.R.2)
John Woodward died Sept. 22, 1674.
Lydia Woodward (Mrs.) was buried Oct 22, 1843, a. 77 y.
Rebeccah Woodward, d. of Jno and Rebeccah, died Mar. 14, 1681-2.
Samuel Woodward, b. in Roxbury, N.H., died Sept. 8, 1849, a. 42 y. 5 m. Md. Dysentery.
Sarah Woodward, w. of Jonas, died Sept. 24, 1677.
Susannah Woodward, died Sept. 22, 1676.

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