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Military Monday: WWII, Old Man’s Draft, Texas

February 28th, 2011

Records of the Selective Service System, 1940–47 (Record Group 147) include the fourth draft registration. The “Old Man” or fourth registration was created by the Act of 1940 and included men born between April 1877 and February 1897. The fourth registration took place in 1942.

The Selective Service System turned the records over to respective National Archives regional facilities but with mixed signals—these are a permanent annexation or these are not a permanent collection. Consequently at least one regional facility—NARA-Southeast— destroyed the records. From the author’s personal experience the Old Man WW II draft cards are available at the regional archives in Texas and Seattle. Other regions have have microfilmed their collections


Information on the draft card includes:

  • Name
  • Place of Residence
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone Number & Exchange
  • Age in Years
  • Place of Birth
  • Date of Birth
  • Name & Address of Person Who Will Always Know Your Address
  • Employer’s Name and Address
  • Place of Employment or Business
  • Signature of registrant
  • Description (height, weight, completion, color of eyes and hair, and any physical characteristics that will aid in identification
  • Signature of Registrar
  • Address of Local Board
  • Local Board number

What follows is an index to the “Old Men” who registered in Texas with the surname Woodward or Woodwards. Source: WW II Fourth Draft, Selective Service System, 1940–47 (RG 147), National Archives-Southwest Region, Forth Worth, Texas.

Only the name;  residence;  and birth date have been abstracted for this index.

Albert E. Woodward; Hse #115 Huber Camp Borger, Hutchinson Co., Texas; 12 Feb 1888

Alma Monger  Woodward; Rt. # Temple, Bell Co., Texas; 11 Apr 1896

Alva Coan Woodward; 1/2 mile S.W. Lamesa, Dawson Co., Texas; 14 Nov 1896

Anson Hudson Woodward; 1214 W. Broad, Freeport, Brazoria Co., Texas; 15 Nov 1882

Arthur Herman Woodward; 200 East Chandler St., Brownwood, Brown Co., Texas; 3 Nov 1894

Batt Carr Woodward; 2413 Denley Dr., Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas; 19 Feb 1891

Ben Benson Woodward; 2111 N. 5th, Waco, McLennan Co., Texas; 20 Sep 1887

Benjamin J. Woodward; Rt. 1, Cedar Valley, Texas; 6 Mar 1880

Bradford King Woodward; Gen. Del., Hallettsville, Lavaca Co., Texas; 16 Jan 1889

Carroll Wayne Woodward; 430 Cheyenne St., Copus Christi, Nuecis? Co., Texas; 1889

Cecil Roy Woodward; Obrien, Haskell Co., Taxas; 20 Jun 1892

Charles Joseph Woodward; Greentree Hotel, San Anotonio, Begar Co., Texas; 30 Oct 1894

Charles Lampton Woodward; Hico, Hamilton Co., Texas; 4 Apr 1887

Chester B. Woodward; Navasota, Grimes Co., Texas; 29 Sep 1883

Christopher Columbus Woodward; 822 Essex, San Antonio, Begar Co., Texas; 15 Mar 1886

Cicero Smith Woodward; Home for Aged Masons, Arlington, Tarrant Co., Texas; 28 May 1894

Clarnece Stephen Woodward; Box 233, Knox City, Knox Co., Texas; 11 Feb 1890

Clyde Chilton Woodward; 1000 Live Oak St., Marlin, Falls Co., Texas; 9 Jul 1891

Clyde Joseph Woodward; 29 Haywoard, Naco-doches, Nacogdoches Co., Texas; 9 Jun 1888

David Edwin Woodward; Box 582, Colorado City, Mitchell Co., Texas; 20 Jul 1893

David Isham Woodward; La Tuna, Elpaso Co., Texas; 30 Jul 1895

Dixie Woodward; 1706 S. St. Paul St., Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas; 6 Dec 1886

Dudley Kezer Woodward; 4315 Glenwood, Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas; 19 Jul 1881

Eben Gould Woodward; Lockney, Floyd Co., Texas; 7 Oct 1883

Edgar Eugene Woodward; 618 Olive St., Texarkana, Bowie Co., Texas; 22 Nov 1889

Edward Jackson Woodward; 1216 Austin Ave., Brownwood, Brown Co., Texas; 1 Dec 1889

Edwin Woodward; Pearsall, Frio Co., Texas; 6 Feb 1883

Elmer Blair Woodward; 1417 S. Sixteenth St., Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., Texas; 7 Apr 1887

Emerson Francis Woodward; 1605 Heights Blvd., Houston, Harris Co., Texas; 23 Febg 1879

Emmette Jackson Woodward; Nederland, Jefferson Co., Texas; 28 Sep 1890

Enos Paul Woodward; 1615 Buchanan, Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., Texas; 3 Jun 1891

Ernest E. Woodward; Flomot, Motley Co., Texas; 7 Sep 1893

Ethridge Woodward; 416 Oriental Road, Waco, McLennan Co., Texas; 15 Oct 1888

Felix Clyde Woodward; 630 – 4th St., Texas City, Gaveston Co., Texas; 16 Jul 1896

Fonnie  Woodward; Ranch 56 Mi. North Sanderson, Pecos Co., Texas; 22 Apr 1893

Fordyce Clay Woodward; Santa Anna, Coleman Co., Texas; 23 Jan 1885

Frank Marion Woodward; 420 Sunset Ave., Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas; 11 Sep 1885

Fred (tye) Woodward; Garwood, Colorado Co., Texas; 1887

Garland A. Woodward; 1922 Banks St., Houston, Harris Co., Texas; 6 Aug 1891

George Edward Washington Woodward; Eagleford Rd., Weisenberger Add., Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas; 3 Jan 1877

George Franklin Woodward; Route 4, Kemp, Kaufman Co., Texas; 15 Feb 1887

George Washington Woodward; Calliham, McMullen Co., Texas; 16 Apr 1887

George Washington Woodward; Devers, Liberty Co., Texas; 14 Dec 1879

George William Woodward; 347 Gulf St., San Antonio, Texas; 15 Oct 1890

Grover Woodward; 316 Sherman, Waco, McLennan Co., Texas; 18 Sep 1886

Hardy Leroy Woodward; Route 4, Box 278, Waco, McLennan Co., Texas; 22 Nov 1895

Harvey James Woodward; 305 E. Champion St., Edinburg, Hidalgo Co., Texas; 25 Aug 1886

Henry Ciscle Lee Woodward; Woodson, Throckmorton Co., Texas; 18 Oct 1877

Horace Eugene Woodward; Rt. 1, Shallowater, Lubbock, Texas; 30 Jun 1884

Ivy Lee Woodward; Rt. 2, Chandler, Henderson Co., Texas; 24 Jan 1897

J David Woodward; Crockett, Houston Co., Texas; 9 Mar 1882

Jacob Clinton Woodward; 61st Ave S 1/2, Galveston, Galveston Co., Texas; 29 Sep 1891

James Basil Woodward; 1208 South Walters, San Antonio, Bexar, Texas; 23 Dec 1894

James Carter Woodward; E. Ave. C, Robstown, Nueces Co., Texas; 28 Sep 1893

James Clifford Woodward; 726 W. Russell, San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas; 24 Sep 1891

James Taylor Woodward; Transient; 20 Apr 1885

James William Woodward; 802 Ave. L., Lubbock, Texas; 14 Feb 1882

Jesse Harper Woodward; 408 SW 4th St., Perryton, Ochiltree Co., Texas; 20 Sep 1889

Jessie L. Woodward; Mt. Enterprise, Box 53, Rusk Co., Texas; 25 Oct 1892

John Clifton Woodward; Rt. 2, Tyler, Smith Co., Texas; 4 Jun 1891

John D. (ini) Woodward; Menard, Menard Co., Texas; 11 Jun 1879

John Floyd Woodward; Box 213, Jacksboro, Jack Co., Texas; 25 Oct 1885

John Kars Woodward; Milford, Ellis Co., Texas; 18 Jul 1880

John Luther Woodward (Sr.); Stuart Place, Harlingen, Cameron Co., Texas; 6 Jan 1880

John Marcus Woodward; 1541 Ashland St., Houston, Harris Co., Texas; 27 Nov 1882

John Paul Woodward; 805 Oakland, Plainview, Hale Co., Texas; 22 Dec 1894

John Roland Woodward; 119 Beckleywood, Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas; 18 Aug 1887

Joseph Henry Woodward ; Fentress, Caldwell Co., Texas; 13 May 1888

Joseph Walker Woodward; 1221 W. Elm, Tyler, Smith Co., Texas; 18 Aug 1877

Lewis Oliver Woodward; 2229 Waco, San Angelo, Tom Green Co., Texas; 20 Jan 1896

Linton Stevens Woodward; 1208 S. Walters St., San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas; 24 Jun 1888

Lon Logan Woodward; Route #2, Belton, Bell Co., Texas; 13 Jan 1882

Louis Woodward; Brazoria, Texas; 12 Jan 1891

Lycan Parks Woodward; 621 Micheaux Ave., Palestine, Anderson Co., Texas; 21 May 1895

Marion Alexander Woodward; Hemphill, Sabine Co., Texas; 3 Mar 1894

O.T. Woodward; Brownsboro, Henderson Co., Texas; 2 Jul 1895

Oscar Edwin Woodward; Carriham, McMullen Co., Texas; 6 Feb 1882

Oscar Leander Woodward; Eldorado, Schleicher Co., Texas; 18 Sep 1892

Phillip Woodward; 928 Iowa St., San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas; 20 Jul 1893

Preston Edgar Woodward; Rt. 3, Waco, McLennan Co., Texas; 27 Nov 1892

Ralph Waldo Woodward; Danbury, Braporia Co., Texas; 23 Mar 1880

Ray Dean Woodward; Rt. #1, Hallettsville, Lavaca Co., Texas; 14 Nov 1883

Richard Erle Woodward; O’Brien, Haskell Co., Texas; 6 Feb 1894

Robert Augustus Woodward; 3216 Ayers, Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., Texas; 27 Oct 1887

Roy Woodward; Pearsall, Frio Co., Texas; 12 Nov 1884

Samuel Claud Woodward; 1 mi N from Emberson, Lamar Co., Texas; 31 Mar 1881

Samuel Joseph Woodward; 127 E. White Ave., San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas; 29 Jul 1890

Sidney Vernon Woodward; Rt. 1, Tahoka, Lynn Co., Texas; 11 Oct 1889

Thomas Woodwards; 6022 Schuler, Houston, Harris Co., Texas; 29 Sep 1888

Thomas Oscar Woodward; 1902 Leopand, Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas; 8 Feb 1884

Tom Woodward; 3 mi. w. Plainview, Hale Co., Texas; 9 Jul 1896

Tom B. Woodward; Camden, Polk Co., Texas; 24 Dec 1878

Tom Julious Woodward; 3115 Clinton, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas; 18 Oct 1881

Tomas Bengaman Woodward; Globe, Lamar, Texas; 1 Jan 1881

Valin Ridge Woodward; 400 East 1st Street, Arlington, Tarrant Co., Texas; 12 Feb 1890

Walker Harrison Woodward; 310 N. Palmer, Tyler, Smith Co., Texas; 1 Jul 1896

William Woodward; 536 Chapultepec Ave., Mexico, D.F.; 2 Apr 1886

William Ashley Woodward ; Adkins, Bexar Co., Texas; 15 May 1878

William Harvey Woodward; 800 1/2 Bellview St., Amarillo, Potter Co., Texas; 24 Apr 1890

William Henry Woodward ; 1931 W. Huisache, San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas; 14 Feb 1888

William Jebb Woodward; Streeter, Mason Co., Texas; 13 May 1877

William Lee Woodward; O’Brien, Haskell Co., Texas; 8 Nov 1895

William Rentz Woodward; 2421 McKenzie, Waco, McLennan Co., Texas; 12 Apr 1890

William Walker Woodward; E. 3rd Ave. & 8th St., Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas; 6 Jan 1879

William Whitton Woodward; Jarrell, Williamson Co., Texas; 26 Jan 1886

William Zane Woodward; 8141 Ithaca St., Houston, Harris Co., Texas; 5 Mar 1890

Zelmer David Woodward; 822 Delmar Ave., San Antonio, Bexar, Texas; 15 Jan 1896

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Wordless Wednesday: The Twins

February 23rd, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Perkins – Woodward Tombstone

February 22nd, 2011

Perkins - Woodward Tombstone

I always feel so wonderful when I find that some of my ancestors were buried in cemeteries that actually have an office and records!  So many cemeteries do not. None-the-less, we still need to be mindful of errors and possible misconceptions. Let’s, look at a tombstone and related records in Blossom Hill Cemetery in Concord, New Hampshire.

The tombstone indicates that my Dad was born in 1914. That date is in error. When Mom had the inscription done for Oscar H. Woodward, Jr., she relied on her knowledge that my father was three years younger. Well, that is almost true… She was born 31 Dec 1917 and he was born 1 Jan 1915…for general purposes the difference in age was three years, but for accuracy, Dad was two years and 363 days older than Mom.

The cemetery record indicates that Dad was buried in 1 August 1990. You’ll note that the tombstone indicates that he died in 1965. That’s odd isn’t it!  Well not if we we look at his death certificate. The death record shows that Dad died on 4 June 1965 and was cremated on 8 June 1965 in Springfield, Massachusetts. In fact, his cremains were held in Sprinfield at the Crematory until Mom decided to have him interred in the Blossom Hill Cemetery in Concord.

Genealogists and family historians need to look beyond the tombstone record and even the cemetery record (if there is one) to get a clearer picture of an event.

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Tragic Accident, 1897

February 21st, 2011

A family outing turned into tragedy. It happened near Chattanooga, Tennessee, on 24 February 1897. On 25 February 1897, the front page of the Chattanooga Daily Times shouted the headlines “Nine Members of One Family Hurled Into Eternity!” and carried a gruesome sketch of the accident scene. The remainder of the page carried graphic text and sketches of that dreadful event the preceding day, which took the lives of nine Woodward family members.

The family of W.J. and Laura (Worley) Woodward, their nine children, and one grandchild were on their way from their home in Jersey to Chattanooga to sit for a family portrait. Their daughter, Lizzie, had married Ira Montgomery, the preceding year, and had presented W.J. and Laura with a grandson just two months previously. Lizzie’s husband, Ira, was planning to move his family to Florence, Alabama, where he had found work on a government dredge boat. Lizzie’s departing had prompted the decision to have a family portrait made.  Josie L. Woodward, daughter of J.W. and Laura worked at the residence of W.W. Silver. On route to Chattanooga, the family stopped at the Silver home to pick up Josie. At dining at the Silver home Mr. Woodward and his eldest son, Albert, decided to walk on ahead of the others, leaving the remaining ten family members to start out later in the wagon. George T. Woodward, was left in charge of the two horse team and wagon (because the family was large, a number of chairs had been placed in the bed of the farm wagon).

The Harrison crossing of the Southern railway was a short distance from the Silver home, and was a notoriously dangerous intersection. As the railroad track approached Harrison Pike it passed through a deep cut and was on a heavy grade coming from the Missionary Ridge tunnel. Anyone on the pike could not see the train until it came out of the cut and was nearly upon Harrison Pike. The train came out of the cut just as the wagon carrying the Woodward family was just about crossing the tracks, and although the engineer blew his danger whistle, it was too late for George to stop the team of horses. At 12:46 p.m. the engine of a passenger train on the Georgia division of the Southern Railroad, bound for Chattanooga, struck the family’s horse drawn wagon. The wagon was hit broad side, killing seven instantly. Two more were to die a short time later. Only young Virginia (called Vergie) survived the ordeal.

W.J. Woodward was born in Georgia. He married in Georgia, Laura Worley.  Laura was born in Georgia 27 August 1853 and killed in the accident 24 Feb 1897.

W.J. Woodward and his family had removed from Murray County, Georgia, to Jersey (Hamilton County), Tennessee about 1888. In an interview on the fateful day of the tragic accident, W.J. Woodward stated that his son, George was a very careful and responsible young man. W.J. continued to say, “We had just built a new home and were so happy. We were trying to get the place paid for and after all of our hard work to get it improved, everything has been destroyed by this inscrutable-blow of Providence.”

Albert, the eldest son, left his home Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by his wife and child, for his father’s residence, but were turned back by the high water. The husband, not to disappoint his father and other members of the family, made a second start by himself, telling his wife he would return Wednesday. He reached his father’s home and about 9 o’clock yesterday as preparations for the start to Chattanooga were in progress.

The funeral for all nine victims was held at the King’s Point Baptist Church on Friday, 26 Feb 1897 where the family members regularly worshipped. All nine victims were buried in the King’s Point Cemetery.

Children of W.J. Woodward and Laura (Worley) Woodward:

i. Albert Woodward, b. abt. 1871. He was married with one child in Feb 1897.

ii. Lizzie Woodward, b. about 1868; mar Ira H. Montgomery; killed in accident 24 Feb 1897. Ira and Lizzie had one son, Roy Montgomery, killed in accident 24 Feb 1897, at the age of 2 mo.

iii. George T. Woodward, b. 20 Jan 1873; killed in accident 24 Feb 1897. George had recently purchased a small ten-acre farm.

iv. Josie L. Woodward, b. 29 Aug 1884; killed in accident 24 Feb 1897. Josie had worked in the home of W.W. Silver on the Harrison Pike.

v. Della Woodward, b. 22 April 1881; killed in accident 24 Feb 1897.

vi. Mary Woodward, b. 29 Aug 1884; killed in accident 24 Feb 1897.

vii. Daisy Woodward, b. 22 Jan 1886; killed in accident 24 Feb 1897.

viii. Ada Woodward, b. 22 May 1889; killed in accident 24 Feb 1897.

ix. Virginia (Vergie) Woodward, b. abt 1894.


1. The Chattanooga Daily Times, Chattanooga, Tenn. (25 Feb 1897).

2. Charles W. Lusk, “King’s Point Cemetery,” Hamilton County, Tennessee Cemeteries (typescript, no publication place or date), 4.

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Family Bible: M. W. and Ida Lou (Hatcher) Woodard

February 19th, 2011

Frequently the “Vertical Files” of a repository provide information that researchers may not find else were. While visiting the Tennessee State Library and Archives this week I found photo copies of two family Bibles, several obituaries, and a brief family history in the Woodard/Woodward files.

Herein are abstracts of the family Bible of M. W.  and Ida (Hatcher) Woodward.

New Illustrated Devotional and Practical Polyglot Family Bible: containing the Old and New Testaments, together with the Apocrypha, Concordance, and Psalms in Metre (Philadelphia, National Publishing Company, 1870); “Woodard Vertical File,” folder number 1, Ms. Div. ac. No. 67-85 (National Society of Colonial Dames of America in Tennessee); Tennessee State Library and Archives

Marriage of M.W. Woodard of Fayetteville, Tenn. and Ida L. Hatcher of Fayetteville, Tenn., 26 October 1871 in Fayetteville by Rev. A.S. Sloan


Lucy Elizabeth married E.E. Soloman, Feby 8th 1899
Octa Lou married A.J. Barber, Aug. 31st 1899
Mary Ida married Frank M. Wilson, Sept. 28th 1903
Robert Samuel married Lucile Chaplin, Oct. 25th 1903
Irene married B. B. Smythe, October 6th 1904

Susanah Frances married Ralph G. Jones, Oct. 28, 1908

Barnard Hatcher married Elizabeth Carter, October 6, 1909

John Reuben married Wilhelmine Campbell, Apr. 9, 1913

William Archer Woodard married Annie Matthews May 29th, 1917 at Alvord, Texas

Births: [All were born in Fayetteville, Tenn.]
M.W. Woodard born on the 6th day of August 1846

Ida Lou Woodward born on the 5th day of March 1854

Irene Woodard born on the 14th day of August 1872

Octa Lou Woodard born Feby. 4th 1874
Lucy Elizabeth Woodard born October 2nd 1876
Robert Samuel Woodard born December 21st 1877
Fannie Woodward born September 28th 1879
Barnard Hatcher Woodward born May 12th 1881
John Reuben Woodard born Dec. 20th 1882
Mary Ida Woodard born May 13th 1884
Lucy Early Woodard born August 16th 1887
William Archer Woodard born December 1st 1889
Sallie Davis Woodard born February 24th 1892
Evelyn Woodard born April 24th 1894

Lucy Early Woodard died November 28th 1889
Sallie Davis Woodard died August 15th 1892
Irene Woodard Smythe died Febry 2nd 1906
Evelyn Woodard died March 13th 1915
M.W. Woodard died February 24th 1916
Ida Lou Woodard died October 1st 1921
Lucy Elizabeth Solomon died 1923
Susanna Frances Jones died March 10th 1942
William Archer Woodard died February 11th 1946
Octa Lou Baber died September 5, 1946
Robert Samuel Woodard died November 8, 1946
Mary Ida Wilson died April 29 1942
John Reuben Woodard died January 6 1963


M.W. Woodard third son of R.S. Woodard and his wife Ida Lou, was the only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. B.M. Hatcher. On a preceding page the date of their birth is given and also the birth of their children

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Wordless Wednesday: Oscar H. Woodward Jr.

February 16th, 2011

Oscar H. Woodward Jr.

Oscar H. Woodward Jr. hard at work at the kitchen table written the Walpole [NH} column for the Brattleboro Reporter. about 1954.

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Wordless Wednesday: Oscar H. Woodward Jr.

February 9th, 2011

Back in the Day!

About 1922

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Scouring the records of a Georgia County

February 7th, 2011

The U.S. census enumeration indicated that there were two Woodward families in Gordon County, Georgia, on 21 June 1860 [1860 U.S. Census, Free Population Schedule, Gordon County (Sonora), page 309, dwelling 452, family 435; Georgia; National Archives micropublication M653, Reel 124].

The proposed family of Washington Woodward was residing in the household of Mary Walker:
Mary B. Walker, 55, Farmer, RE: $1,600, PE: $600, born in S.C.
Hamsion Walker, 18, m, farm laborer, born in Ga.
Mary Walker, 17, domestic, born in Ga.
Georgia Walker, 14, born in Ga.
Washington Wooward [sic], 26, farm laborer, RE: [blank], PE: $200, born in S.C.
Cassandra Wooward, 23, domestic, born in Ga.
Mary Woodward, 3, born in Ga.
Alonzo Woodward, 1, born in Ga.

Two families away [page 310, dwelling 454, family 437] was the following family:

Ephraim Woodward, 46, farmer, RE: $5,000, PE: $3,00, born in S.C.
Mary A. Woodward, 39, domestic, born in S.C.
Mary Woodward, 21, domestic, born in S.C.
Wesley Woodward, 14, born in S.C.
Cassandra A. Woodward, 3, born in Ga.
Frank P. Meadows, 7, born in S.C.
Penelope D. Meadows, 4, born in S.C.

The proximity of the families and ages suggest a relationship between Washington and Ephraim, perhaps son and father. In fact Washington was enumerated in Ephraim Woodard’s home in Cass County (adjacent to Gordon) in 1850 [1850 U.S. Census, Free Population Schedule, Cass County, Georgia, page 218, dwelling 1643, family 1661; National Archives micropublication M432, reel 63]. On page 215, In dwelling 1608, family 1622, of Cass County was the family of Mary Walker including Margaretta, Cassander, Sylvanus, Harrison, and George Walker. The column asking for value of real estate was completely blank for page 218 . That was not the case for page 215, but there was nothing written in the “Real Estate” column for Mary Walker.

We might speculate then that Washington Woodward married Casandra Walker about 1856 or 1857 and the couple resided with his probable mother-in-law.

Did the families move from Cass (now called Bartow) County to Gordon County? In 1860 Gordon County took land from Cass County-the boundaries changed, perhaps the families did not. The tax records might help us decide the actual circumstances.

In 1851 Ephraim Woodward was listed as a taxpayer in Georgia Militia District 1056 in Gordon County. Ephraim owned 160 acres of land in district 6, section 3 [of original Cherokee County]. In 1854, E. Woodward was again listed on the tax rolls of Georgia Militia District 1056 with 220 acres. The property was in land lots 223 and 225 of district 6 [section 3 of Original Cherokee County]. [Source: Gordon County, Georgia, 1851 and 1854 Tax Digests; Georgia Archives micropublication 4836-37 (drawer 136, box 55).]

Additional records need to be explored including Gordon County tax digests for later years for both Woodward and Mary Walker. Property records need to be scoured as well in both Cass and Gordon counties.

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