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Scouring the records of a Georgia County

February 7th, 2011

The U.S. census enumeration indicated that there were two Woodward families in Gordon County, Georgia, on 21 June 1860 [1860 U.S. Census, Free Population Schedule, Gordon County (Sonora), page 309, dwelling 452, family 435; Georgia; National Archives micropublication M653, Reel 124].

The proposed family of Washington Woodward was residing in the household of Mary Walker:
Mary B. Walker, 55, Farmer, RE: $1,600, PE: $600, born in S.C.
Hamsion Walker, 18, m, farm laborer, born in Ga.
Mary Walker, 17, domestic, born in Ga.
Georgia Walker, 14, born in Ga.
Washington Wooward [sic], 26, farm laborer, RE: [blank], PE: $200, born in S.C.
Cassandra Wooward, 23, domestic, born in Ga.
Mary Woodward, 3, born in Ga.
Alonzo Woodward, 1, born in Ga.

Two families away [page 310, dwelling 454, family 437] was the following family:

Ephraim Woodward, 46, farmer, RE: $5,000, PE: $3,00, born in S.C.
Mary A. Woodward, 39, domestic, born in S.C.
Mary Woodward, 21, domestic, born in S.C.
Wesley Woodward, 14, born in S.C.
Cassandra A. Woodward, 3, born in Ga.
Frank P. Meadows, 7, born in S.C.
Penelope D. Meadows, 4, born in S.C.

The proximity of the families and ages suggest a relationship between Washington and Ephraim, perhaps son and father. In fact Washington was enumerated in Ephraim Woodard’s home in Cass County (adjacent to Gordon) in 1850 [1850 U.S. Census, Free Population Schedule, Cass County, Georgia, page 218, dwelling 1643, family 1661; National Archives micropublication M432, reel 63]. On page 215, In dwelling 1608, family 1622, of Cass County was the family of Mary Walker including Margaretta, Cassander, Sylvanus, Harrison, and George Walker. The column asking for value of real estate was completely blank for page 218 . That was not the case for page 215, but there was nothing written in the “Real Estate” column for Mary Walker.

We might speculate then that Washington Woodward married Casandra Walker about 1856 or 1857 and the couple resided with his probable mother-in-law.

Did the families move from Cass (now called Bartow) County to Gordon County? In 1860 Gordon County took land from Cass County-the boundaries changed, perhaps the families did not. The tax records might help us decide the actual circumstances.

In 1851 Ephraim Woodward was listed as a taxpayer in Georgia Militia District 1056 in Gordon County. Ephraim owned 160 acres of land in district 6, section 3 [of original Cherokee County]. In 1854, E. Woodward was again listed on the tax rolls of Georgia Militia District 1056 with 220 acres. The property was in land lots 223 and 225 of district 6 [section 3 of Original Cherokee County]. [Source: Gordon County, Georgia, 1851 and 1854 Tax Digests; Georgia Archives micropublication 4836-37 (drawer 136, box 55).]

Additional records need to be explored including Gordon County tax digests for later years for both Woodward and Mary Walker. Property records need to be scoured as well in both Cass and Gordon counties.

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