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Family Bible: M. W. and Ida Lou (Hatcher) Woodard

February 19th, 2011

Frequently the “Vertical Files” of a repository provide information that researchers may not find else were. While visiting the Tennessee State Library and Archives this week I found photo copies of two family Bibles, several obituaries, and a brief family history in the Woodard/Woodward files.

Herein are abstracts of the family Bible of M. W.  and Ida (Hatcher) Woodward.

New Illustrated Devotional and Practical Polyglot Family Bible: containing the Old and New Testaments, together with the Apocrypha, Concordance, and Psalms in Metre (Philadelphia, National Publishing Company, 1870); “Woodard Vertical File,” folder number 1, Ms. Div. ac. No. 67-85 (National Society of Colonial Dames of America in Tennessee); Tennessee State Library and Archives

Marriage of M.W. Woodard of Fayetteville, Tenn. and Ida L. Hatcher of Fayetteville, Tenn., 26 October 1871 in Fayetteville by Rev. A.S. Sloan


Lucy Elizabeth married E.E. Soloman, Feby 8th 1899
Octa Lou married A.J. Barber, Aug. 31st 1899
Mary Ida married Frank M. Wilson, Sept. 28th 1903
Robert Samuel married Lucile Chaplin, Oct. 25th 1903
Irene married B. B. Smythe, October 6th 1904

Susanah Frances married Ralph G. Jones, Oct. 28, 1908

Barnard Hatcher married Elizabeth Carter, October 6, 1909

John Reuben married Wilhelmine Campbell, Apr. 9, 1913

William Archer Woodard married Annie Matthews May 29th, 1917 at Alvord, Texas

Births: [All were born in Fayetteville, Tenn.]
M.W. Woodard born on the 6th day of August 1846

Ida Lou Woodward born on the 5th day of March 1854

Irene Woodard born on the 14th day of August 1872

Octa Lou Woodard born Feby. 4th 1874
Lucy Elizabeth Woodard born October 2nd 1876
Robert Samuel Woodard born December 21st 1877
Fannie Woodward born September 28th 1879
Barnard Hatcher Woodward born May 12th 1881
John Reuben Woodard born Dec. 20th 1882
Mary Ida Woodard born May 13th 1884
Lucy Early Woodard born August 16th 1887
William Archer Woodard born December 1st 1889
Sallie Davis Woodard born February 24th 1892
Evelyn Woodard born April 24th 1894

Lucy Early Woodard died November 28th 1889
Sallie Davis Woodard died August 15th 1892
Irene Woodard Smythe died Febry 2nd 1906
Evelyn Woodard died March 13th 1915
M.W. Woodard died February 24th 1916
Ida Lou Woodard died October 1st 1921
Lucy Elizabeth Solomon died 1923
Susanna Frances Jones died March 10th 1942
William Archer Woodard died February 11th 1946
Octa Lou Baber died September 5, 1946
Robert Samuel Woodard died November 8, 1946
Mary Ida Wilson died April 29 1942
John Reuben Woodard died January 6 1963


M.W. Woodard third son of R.S. Woodard and his wife Ida Lou, was the only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. B.M. Hatcher. On a preceding page the date of their birth is given and also the birth of their children

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