Faye Dorsey Woodward

December 31st, 2010

Ted O. Brooke and I surveyed the cemeteries of Pickens County, Georgia, between 2007 and 2008. Our work was published with a grant from the R.J. Taylor Jr. Foundation in 2009. During our surveys we took numerous photographs to help document the cemeteries.

We located only one Woodward in all of the county. A tombstone was erected for Faye Dorsey Woodward in the Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery. I can’t believe I don’t have an image of the reverse side of this stone! At least the data was carefully extracted. Faye was born 30 Mar 1927 and died 26 Mar 1994. This is just the beginning of a little mystery — lots of questions need to be answered about Ms. Faye.

(c) 2010 Linda Woodward Geiger, All Rights Reserved.

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