Tombstone Tuesday: Franklin, NH

January 18th, 2011

1892 map showing a portion of Franklin, NH.

Around 1986, I went back to New Hampshire to visit family and cemeteries. Alas, the cemetery findings are very poorly documented. Although I carefully noted directions for the cemetery, I did not record a detailed description of where the tombstone was located within the cemetery.

The map to the left is the portion of the town of Franklin illustrating where the cemetery is located. Note the large plot between the Pemigewasset and Winnipiseogee Rivers owned by the Franklin Cemetery Association [Scanned from the book, The Old Maps of Merrimack County, N.H. in 1892: The Old Roads Every House and Family, Detail Maps of Villages and Neighborhoods (Frysburg, Maine: Saco Valley Printing, 1981), p. 20].

General View of the Daniel S. Woodward tombstone

General View of the Daniel S. Woodward tombstone

The First four photographs below are of one tombstone indicating a number of family members buried within the plot. Daniel S. Woodward and both of his wives, Dorcus (Adams) Woodward and Lucy (Spalding) Woodward; his mother, Bashabee (Stephens) Woodward; and his daughters, Perlena Woodward and Elizabeth Woodward wife of John Pollard.

Tombstone of Alvin A. Woodward

The last two photographs are tombstones marking the burial of two more of Daniel’s children, Alvin A. Woodward, and Dorcas (Woodward) Clark.

Tombstone of Dorcas Clark

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